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The extensive museum library contains materials related to museum topics as well as collections research. The new library, equipped with computers and a copy machine, will be a convenient resource for museum studies students. Meggie, a student in the program, enjoys the availability of the new library. "It's such a cheerful space, but also a really good work environment. It will be so nice to write a paper on the computers and be able to check the sources as I work."

Museum Studies Library

Research Laboratory
A research laboratory used for fulfilling laboratory requirements for some classes allows students to conduct individual directed study projects dealing with museum environments and materials.

Julie and Trey use power drills

Exhibit Preparation Workshop
The workshop serves as a contruction area for small-scale exhibits, repairs, and assembly and tuning of traveling exhibits for the Mayborn Museum Complex, however Museum Studies students may also utilize the resources in this workshop for some classes.

Tom Haddad, Assistant Director of Facilities for the Mayborn Museum Complex, recently taught a session on the safe use of power tools to Exhibit Design students. Students donned safety glasses for some well supervised hands-on experience in the workshop!