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Grab-and-Go Expertise, Streamlined Content Highlight KCRR Update

May 1, 2013

by Aimee Gomez

Real estate professionals looking for grab-and-go expertise are excited about the newly-launched website and email format for Baylor's Keller Center Research Report (KCRR).

Juston Sexton, a Realtor from Hamilton, OH states, "The new site is easy to navigate and skim for quick information. The Keller Center Research Report is a trusted source for accurate and wide-ranging information that I can use and share." Charlotte Shirey, president of Charlotte Shirey and Associates in Richmond, VA, agrees.

With input from over 650 readers in fall 2012 and spring 2013, the Center engaged in an electronic update process - focusing specifically on making the KCRR content more functional, visually appealing, and accessible for the journal's growing readership.

The new digital assets were launched successfully on March 1 with the release of the March 2013 KCRR. Readers were given the opportunity to provide personal reactions and feedback through open-ended survey questions.

The survey revealed that the new site is appealing and easy to navigate. Readers find the reformatted Archives page helps them find topic-specific articles quickly and effectively. Overall, readers applaud the KCRR's streamlined, relevant, and academically-supported content.

Most importantly, readers recognize that the new formats are convenient and effective for learning and growth.

"The Keller Center Research Report has a variety of articles that are relevant for building a business," said Carl Adams, a Realtor from Media, PA. "The KCRR is a good way to grab timely information and stay on top of market intelligence.

Many readers find the new formats easy to print out and take on-the-go. With downloadable PDF's of entire issues and individual articles, and a mobile-friendly site format, KCRR articles are accessible in the many formats that readers expect.

"I love the new format," said Judy Sharp, a Broker from Long Beach, California. "It is easier to read and use. I can read what I want to immediately, it's easy to find, and I often come back later to learn more."

The Keller Center values the opinions of its readers and is committed to providing a valuable resource for its readers.

About the Keller Center for Research

The Keller Center for Research at Baylor University is a trusted source for leading-edge, academic research positioned for the real estate industry. The Center's team of Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Assistants engage with academics and consultants from around the globe to highlight the latest research in the areas of Marketing and Sales, Management, Technology, and Ethics, among others, with implications for today's real estate professionals.

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