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Paragraph Beginning DecorDecember 2023 (Vol. 16, Iss. 4)

The Financial Impact of Female Leadership

Chandra Srivastava, PhD, Saim Kashmiri, PhD, and Vijay Mahajan, PhD
In this study, we demonstrate that female leaders are more inclined to prioritize strong customer relationships compared to their male counterparts in similar roles. We believe this customer centric approach can enhance a company's ability to satisfy customers, ultimately leading to improved financial outcomes.
Keywords: Financials, Management

The Hidden Cost of Salesperson Trust Overestimation

Stephanie M. Mangus, PhD, Eli Jones, PhD, Judith Anne Garretson Folse, PhD, and Shrihari Sridhar, PhD
Part of an effective sales approach is to build trust with buyers; however, research suggests 70% of B2B salespeople overestimate customers’ trust in them. Our research aimed to evaluate the effects of salesperson trust overestimation on customer account revenue and word of mouth or the likelihood and quality of referrals.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Marketing and Sales

Caffeinated Consumers: Do They Buy More?

Dipayan Biswas, PhD, Patrick Hartmann, PhD, Martin Eisend, PhD, Courtney Szocs, PhD, Bruna Jochims, PhD, Vanessa Apaolaza, PhD, Erik Hermann, PhD, Cristina M. Lopez, PhD, and Adilson Borges, PhD
Caffeine is a staple in Americans’ consumption habits, but some effects of caffeine consumption may influence the spending behavior of consumers. In this article, we explore how drinking caffeine before shopping affects retail purchasing behavior, and we draw conclusions as to how this can affect both buyers and sellers in real estate.
Keywords: Financials, Marketing and Sales

Back to the Basics: Don’t Ditch the Paper Planner

Yanliu Huang, PhD, Zhen Yang, PhD, and Vicki G. Morwitz, PhD
The prevalence of technology has prompted more people to maintain calendars through a smart device as opposed to a hard copy calendar. But does using a mobile calendar provide the same benefits at the same level as a paper calendar? Our research found that not only do users of paper calendars achieve higher plan fulfillment, but they are more effective at developing higher quality plans by taking a broader, big-picture perspective.
Keywords: Management, Technology

INSIDER: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Parker Cannon, MBA Candidate
In order to be successful, agents need to be skilled communicators and master persuaders. In Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini leverages insights from his 35 years of evidence-based research to explain the science behind persuasion, delving into what makes people say “yes” to a request or proposal.
Keywords: Customer Relations, Insider

INSIDER: The Mental Toughness Handbook

Jude Enajero, MBA/MSIS Candidate
In The Mental Toughness Handbook, Damon Zahariades provides practical advice and strategies for building resilience, perseverance, and self-discipline, skills that are more important than ever in the current climate. By developing mental toughness, we can learn to overcome fear and self-doubt, stay focused on our goals, and navigate the complexities of the world around us.
Keywords: Insider

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