Start Abroad Experience

ABOUT: Designed for globally-minded students who want a non-traditional start to their freshman college experience, the Baylor Start Abroad program allows incoming freshmen to start their first fall semester in Dublin, Ireland. There, they'll live with a close-knit group of other Baylor freshmen as they learn, study, experience a global adventure, and celebrate Baylor traditions from across the pond. 

TIMELINE: The program will start in late August and students will return home by mid-December in time for Christmas break. 

PRE-TRAVEL: During the summer before they depart, students will attend Orientation and Line Camp to register for classes and experience Baylor traditions. Prior to their departure, they will also have a special pre-launch orientation to prepare them for their semester abroad. They'll learn tips for travel, packing, and living in a new city, and they'll meet their community of students and Baylor faculty who will travel with them. 

SUPPORT: Before and after arrival, Baylor students will receive information and meet with staff from Baylor's partner in Dublin, FIE: Foundation for International Education. FIE's expert staff provide resources and guidance throughout the program and are easily accessible with the FIE Dublin office located on the ground floor of the student's residence. FIE Student Life Assistants also live within the student residences to ensure 24/7 support is available to Baylor students. Finally, an advisor will be available to guide students and counsel them to ensure that graduating on time is not a problem. 

WHILE IN DUBLIN: Students will reside in suite-style apartments that house 4 students at a time. They'll take classes at the Dublin Business School (DBS) and learn from Baylor faculty and Baylor-approved courses taught by DBS faculty. 

TYPICAL WEEK: Everybody's week will be different based on their interests and hobbies, but an average week in Dublin will include classes, study/homework, a class-related co-curricular event, an extracurricular event (such as going to the movies), grocery shopping, cooking, doing laundry, socializing, and experiencing Dublin life. The program includes several co-curricular elements including weekend study tours and other Dublin-based day trips. Extracurricular opportunities include rugby games, theatre visits and farm visits. Independent living in Dublin means doing your own grocery shopping and cooking, so make sure to get practicing now! Of course, it's also important to remember that you're in Dublin to study, and class/study time will make up a large portion of every week in college whether at home or abroad. 

BAYLOR TRADITIONS ABROAD: Throughout their time in Dublin, students will experience Baylor traditions such as Chapel, Dr Pepper Hour and football game watch parties. They'll also have opportunities for two group trips and family visits in Dublin during Thanksgiving. 

GROUP TRIPS & TRAVEL: FIE provides two study tours during the program, one to western Ireland and one to Northern Ireland (in the United Kingdom!). Students will get to experience the richness and diversity of the Emerald Isle by visiting top tourist spots like the Cliffs of Moher, as well as explore themes such as peace and conflict during visits to Belfast and the walled city of Derry. For the safety of our small group, individual travel is not permitted.  

RETURNING HOME: In January, students will have a re-entry orientation in Waco prior to Spring classes starting. Students will have on-campus housing assignments waiting for them, and their freshman-year experience will mirror all the students who have been in Waco. They'll have the opportunity to join organizations and participate in Greek recruitment in January. 

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