Legal Reasoning and Analysis

The Legal Reasoning and Analysis (LRA) minor is ideal for students interested in preparing for the Pre-Law track. It provides a solid foundation for a legal education and exposes students to the type of reasoning that law students and lawyers use. It also includes the core skills and values that are necessary to be successful in law school.

Students who are not Pre-Law may choose to minor in LRA to understand how law and reasoning affect their chosen major or field of study. However, if chosen for Pre-Law preparation, the LRA minor also prepares students for academic success on the LSAT. 

The LRA minor requires students to complete 18 hours of study. 9 of these hours must be from upper-level courses. 

Courses include:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Probability and Statistics 
  • Contemporary Ethical Theory
  • Law and Economics 
  • Moral Philosophy 

For more information, Minor in Legal Reasoning and Analysis