Middle East Studies

The Middle East Studies minor requires students to complete 18 hours of study.  This includes 9 hours of upper-level courses. This minor is interdepartmental.  Students will take classes focused on the Middle East from a variety of different perspectives. This provides students with a broad range of knowledge related to the Middle East and includes travel opportunities.

Most degree programs at Baylor do not require a student to select a minor area of study.  Students may choose to minor in a field that supplements their major.  Or, they may choose to pursue an area of academic interest completely outside their major. For example, a business major may minor in Middle East studies.  This helps them add a global perspective to their business studies.

Courses a student might take include: Government and Politics of the Middle East, Religions that Shaped the Western World, or Palestinian Archaeology.

For more information, contact Dr. J. Mark Long at Jerry_Long@baylor.edu