CSS Profile & FAFSA

The following applicant types are required to submit the CSS Profile and FAFSA as part of a complete application file.

Baylor will not consider your application until you have satisfied this requirement.

  • Early Decision 1 and 2 applicants
  • CSS Profile only – Non-U.S. citizens attending a secondary school outside of the U.S. seeking need-based financial assistance as an international student

Pro Tips for filing the CSS Profile and FAFSA:

  • Make sure the information in the FAFSA and CSS Profile match! Conflicting information could delay your financial package for some time until it is resolved.
  • Make sure the same person fills out both forms, so the information is consistent.
  • Have all the necessary items readily available when filling out each form.
  • Don't guess! If you don't know the answer, take the time to find out before submitting. This will save you time in the financial aid packaging process.

If you do not need financial assistance and want this requirement waived, please click here.