Enrollment Deposit

Once you have been accepted to Baylor, you can pay your enrollment deposit. Before submitting your enrollment deposit, please read our Deposit Policies below. After you have paid your enrollment deposit, allow 24-48 hours for it to process.

Deposit Policies

All accepted degree-seeking students must pay a $500 enrollment deposit by the specific deadline stated in the acceptance letter and the student’s goBAYLOR account. Once the deposit is processed, applicants may submit the Housing Application through their goBAYLOR account. Applicants who do not pay their deposit by the deadline may not be assured a space in the entering class.

Freshmen: The enrollment deposit is non-refundable for prospective freshmen. Students seeking financial aid should wait until they receive their financial aid award before submitting a deposit. Deposits are not transferable to future semesters. 

Transfers: The enrollment deposit is refundable for transfer students if a request for a refund is submitted by the student's specific deadline through the applicant's goBAYLOR account. Deposits are not transferable to future semesters. 

Deposit Deadlines by Entry Term

Freshman Early Decision:
Fall Entry – February 1
Summer Entry – February 1

Freshman Early Action & Regular Admission:
Fall Entry – May 1 June 1
Summer Entry – May 1
Spring Entry – December 1 

Fall Entry – July 1 July 15
Summer Entry – May 15
Spring Entry – December 1 

All deadlines are by 5 p.m. CST. If you are accepted less than two weeks before, or any time after the above deadlines, please refer to the deadline listed in your acceptance letter. 

Pay Your Deposit 

You may pay your deposit through your goBAYLOR account. Contact your admission counselor if you have any questions.