Aviation Sciences Enrollment Steps

The Aviation Sciences degree at Baylor University is a joint program between Baylor and Texas State Technical College (TSTC). TSTC-Waco provides supplemental courses and flight training required for this degree, therefore all Aviation Sciences majors must also apply to TSTC-Waco. Since you have selected Aviation Science as your major, please complete the following steps to satisfy TSTC's admissions requirements:
  • Apply directly to TSTC-Waco. If you are interested in the Professional Pilot concentration, select "Aircraft Pilot Technology-Baylor" as your program/specialization. If you are interested in Air Traffic Control or Aircraft Dispatch concentrations, select "Aircraft Dispatch-Baylor."
  • Submit high school transcripts and/or college or military transcripts directly to TSTC.
  • Submit ACT/SAT scores directly to TSTC.
  • Submit a copy of your immunization records directly to TSTC.
  • All students must meet Texas Success Initiative standards for college readiness.
  • Students seeking the Professional Pilot concentration must also obtain an FAA medical certificate from an Authorized Aviation Medical Examiner (AME). A second class certificate is required, however a first class certificate is recommended. To find an AME near you, click here.

If you plan to use veterans educational benefits toward the cost of enrollment, please submit the Request for Certification Form and email kathy.chastain@tstc.edu to let her know that you will be seeking benefits for TSTC courses as well.