Transfer Engineering Admission Requirements

The School of Engineering and Computer Science offers three engineering majors: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and General Engineering.

Application Process

  • Submit an application for admission by the Undergraduate Admissions deadlines.
  • Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA from their previous institution(s) to transfer into Baylor's engineering program.
  • If admitted to Baylor, an advisor in the School of Engineering and Computer Science will review the student's transcript to determine whether the student will enter as a Pre-Engineering or will be eligible to declare a degree-granting engineering major. This review will also help inform the student how many years he or she will need to complete the degree.
  • Students who are classified as Pre-Engineering must earn a B or better in the introductory engineering courses, EGR 1301 and EGR 1302, and a C or better in their first-year math courses. Transfers are strongly encouraged to take EGR 1301 and 1302 during the summer at Baylor.
For more information, contact Ida Jamshidi at