The Chemistry department is one of the select programs nationwide that offers a B.S. that is accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS) and is authorized to offer the certified bachelor's degree in chemistry. The Chemistry Department offers four different Chemistry degree plans in order to provide curriculum to the widest possible range of student career goals. Available courses include:
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Recombinant DNA and Biotech
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Instrumental Analysis
The Chemistry department offers three different Bachelor of Science degrees and one Bachelor of Arts. Each of these programs is tailored to specific career goals so as to best prepare a variety of students. Students spend time in the classroom as well as in state-of-the art laboratories in the Baylor Sciences Building, our half-million square foot sciences facility.

Baylor University offers several Living-Learning Centers, which are housing opportunities designed to place students of common interests together in living and learning environments. Baylor offers a Science & Health Living-Learning Center, where students with common interest in pursuing a career in medicine and the sciences will be able to collaborate with each other as well as science faculty and medical researchers.

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