University Scholars

The University Scholars major is a program within the Honors College. It is the most selective Baylor academic program and requires a separate application.

University Scholars work with a program director to design an individualized academic degree plan. This plan will align with their academic and professional plans. The degree plan includes a required reading list that needs to be completed by the students' junior year with the students' chosen major. The reading list consists of works of literature, politics, theology, and philosophy. These topics are discussed in small, seminar-style classes. Students must complete an exit interview in the spring of their junior year based on the required readings. As part of the program, students must also complete a senior thesis.

The University Scholars program is ideal for students wishing to attend in law, medical, or graduate school. Students accepted into the University Scholars program are often National Merit finalists. They often also rank in the top 10% of their high school class with strong standardized test scores. 

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