Great Texts of the Western Tradition

The Great Texts major is one of two undergraduate majors within the Baylor University Honors College. The coursework includes the study of influential written works from a variety of cultures throughout the ages. Available courses include: 

  • Medieval Intellectual Tradition
  • Confessions and Autobiography
  • Dante and the Italian Renaissance
  • Great Texts of the 20th Century
  • Epic and Romance in the High Middle Ages

The Great Texts coursework is quite broad and varied in nature, making it a great option for students wishing to further their academic studies.  Many graduates pursue graduate, law and medical school. Graduates can also expect to find career opportunities in international business or at academic institutions.

Baylor’s undergraduate scholarly publication, The Pulse, promotes academic writing among students. Students with exceptional writing and research skills can have their work featured.  This can be for their classes or for their Honors or University Scholars thesis. The Pulse also provides opportunities for students to gain experience in the publication process.

Baylor offers many study abroad programs.  One in particular that is ideal for Religion, Philosophy and Great Texts majors is Baylor in St. Andrews.  Located in Scotland, it is a wonderful opportunity for students to study at one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. 

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