The Finance major is the study of the decision-making process involved in managing and acquiring assets to create a profit. It is a pre-major.  The major offers two focuses, Corporate Finance and Investments. Corporate Finance is the study of research and acquisition of assets for companies. The study of Investments includes the valuing of financial securities and corporate and personal portfolio management. Available courses include:

  • Stock Market Operations
  • International Business Finance
  • Practicum in Portfolio Management
  • Short Term Financial Management
  • Private Equity Investing

The program also offers a Commercial Banking Program. Students graduating with a Finance degree can expect to find many career opportunities. Graduates find jobs in corporate finance, credit management and financial consulting. They also find opportunities in investment banking and commercial banking.  

The Hankamer School of Business offers student exchange and study abroad programs

Baylor also offers several Living-Learning Centers including the Business & Innovation Living-Learning Center. Living-Learning Centers are housing opportunities designed to place students of common interests together. 

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