Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology is an applied science studying the body’s metabolic responses to acute and chronic physical activity. The program offers students a professional field experience and general division electives in the areas of strength and conditioning, nutrition, pre-PT, pre-Medical, business, and clinicals. Exercise Physiology prepares students for a number of career opportunities related to the wellness consciousness of the general and special populations. Available courses include:

  • Research Methods and Design in Exercise Science
  • Exercise and Sports Nutrition
  • Techniques of Strength Training and Conditioning
  • Exercise Prescription in Health and Disease
  • Exercise Biochemistry
  • Biomechanics

Students will learn and conduct health-related assessments and fitness testing for general and special populations and to write exercise prescriptions for a variety of human performance goals. Preparation for cardiovascular/ cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, worksite or community wellness, professional graduate school, and sports nutrition can also be obtained. Students must complete one semester of a supervised internship in a variety of fields including general medicine, dentistry, sports medicine, physical therapy, cardiopulmonary/cardiovascular rehabilitation, and wellness center.

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