Education - Special Education

The Special Education major offers an opportunity for students to teach students with special needs.  Most students desire their teacher certification. The Special Education major offers two different undergraduate certificate options. 

The first is an All-Level Special Education degree plan which prepares participants to only teach students with exceptional learning needs. These students range from early childhood through 12th grade.

The second plan prepares participants to teach general education to students ranging from early childhood through sixth grade. The second plan also prepares participants to teach students with exceptional learning needs. These students spend the majority of the school day in a general classroom. Available courses include:

  • Literacy for Learners with Special Needs
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • The Developing Child
  • Exceptionalities
  • Applied Behavior Analysis

The Special Education program requires extensive field experiences to prepare students for their careers. Beginning in the spring of their sophomore year, teaching candidates will complete a variety of classroom practice. This ranges from small groups to individual tutoring. Students range from mild to severe learning disorders. In the final year of the degree program, Special Education majors will be placed full time in a school in Waco. Candidates are assigned to a special education mentor teacher and co-teach together. Students have increasing responsibility in lesson planning and classroom teaching. In the final five weeks of both semesters, candidates will plan and teach in an independent manner. During this, they will be under evaluation. 

Education majors can participate in four study abroad opportunities. All trips involve working in host-country schools alongside a Baylor School of Education faculty member.

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