Education - Secondary Social Studies

The School of Education at Baylor offers a unique experience for Teacher Education majors. Unlike other programs, Baylor's program offers seven semesters of hands-on experience in the classroom. The program builds upon classroom knowledge, and students' responsibilities increase each semester. By senior year, they are teaching full time during the fall and spring semesters. Several schools in Waco partner with the Baylor School of Education to provide field experience.

Students select a major in the area or subject they desire to teach upon graduation.  Students are able to take more classes within their focus and gain classroom experience in their concentration.  Available majors include:

  • Elementary Education
  • Middle Grades Science
  • Middle Grades Mathematics
  • Middle Grades Social Studies
  • Middle Grades English, Language Arts, and Reading
  • Secondary English, Language Arts, and Reading
  • Secondary Life Sciences
  • Secondary Mathematics
  • Secondary Social Studies
  • Secondary Physical Sciences
  • All Level Spanish

Students may also gain their teacher certification through other programs.  These include Special Education (BSED), Music Education (BME) and Business for Secondary Education (BBA). Teacher Certification is also offered through Math, Biology, Family Sciences and Human Development majors.

Education majors can participate in four study abroad opportunities. All trips involve working in host-country schools alongside a Baylor School of Education faculty member.

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