Education Certification - Deaf Education

While not a major, the Deaf Education Teacher Prep program is a track for the Communication Sciences and Disorders major and involves course work, observation and field placement. Students are prepared to take the Texas State Board for Educator Certification TExES exams for Deaf Education and the Texas Assessment for Sign Communication exam (TASC). Junior year is spent observing and participating in a literacy program with the local Regional Day School Program for the Deaf, and senior year is spent in a full-time student teaching placement. Available courses include:
  • Speech Science
  • Language and Reading Instruction
  • Language Therapy
  • Organic Communication Disorders
  • Articulation
Students graduating with the Deaf Education sequence can expect to find job opportunities as speech pathologists, counselors, consultants, teachers, speech and hearing therapists and more. These occupations are sought after by a variety fields and corporations, such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools or rehabilitation centers.

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