Computer Science Fellows

The Computer Science Fellows Program is designed for highly motivated students entering the School of Engineering & Computer Science with a wide range of interests who desire a more diverse experience across the disciplines. The program seeks to broaden Computer Science Fellows’ backgrounds in their chosen area(s) of diversification while preparing them for graduate studies or for successful careers. Computer Science Fellows is a major within the School of Engineering & Computer Science that allows Fellows to create an individualized course of study with the advice of a Program Director who mentors them throughout the entire undergraduate experience. In the course of this mentoring process, the Director will in turn call upon the expertise of professors in other departments for assistance in serving the needs of the Fellow.

Admission to the Computer Science Fellows Major is competitive and is separate from and subsequent to admission to Baylor University. The major is open to incoming freshman or transfer students with at least three years or 90 hours remaining to complete their undergraduate degree at Baylor. Students who enter late, i.e., after their freshman year or as a transfer student with more than 36 Baylor credit hours, need to seek a special waiver to this requirement from the Program Director before they can be admitted to the program.

In addition to the assigned texts in the Computer Science Fellows courses, each Fellow will, with the advice and approval of his or her Research Advisor, compose a list of computer science texts and related works. Then, in the spring semester of the junior year, they will meet with a committee composed of faculty members (including their Research Advisor) and a senior Computer Science Fellow to demonstrate their knowledge of the selected texts and related works. Upon approval of the Fellows Committee, the student will be permitted to proceed with work on the senior thesis. The program directors, including the respective Research Advisors, will approve the topic or project and evaluate the completed thesis.

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