The Mathematics major involves a variety of mathematical areas, both traditional and contemporary. Math involves learning the terms, methods and formulae and applying the mathematics to solve theoretical and practical problems. Graduates of the program are highly marketable in a range of fields because the program helps them develop problem-solving skills and trains them to think, and argue, logically.  Available courses include:

  • Linear Programming
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Cryptology
  • Probability Models
  • Data and Chance

Mathematics is in the Bachelor of Science degree program as well as in the Bachelor of Arts degree program. The BS in Mathematics curriculum provides the student with a basic background in mathematics.  It allows a student to place some emphasis on an area of mathematics that is related to engineering, the biological, physical, or social sciences. The BA in Mathematics curriculum provides the student with a basic background in mathematics in the context of a liberal arts education. Students can also choose to graduate with a Mathematics Education Concentration. This can be done through either the BA or BS degree program.

Students graduating with a Mathematics degree often continue their education through professional graduate studies including business, law and medicine. Others find job opportunities in various government agencies, teaching positions, roles in Cryptography and Security, Biotech and Finance, as well as data analysis in the business industry. 

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