Church Music

The Church Music program at Baylor University is designed for students desiring to take their passion for music and utilize it in a church setting. The Church Music major is available in the Bachelor of Music (BM) degree or Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. Areas of study include:


  • Musicianship
  • Music Theory
  • History of Music
  • Youth and Adult Music Ministry
  • Church Choral and Solo Literature
All students desiring to pursue a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education or Bachelor of Arts in Music degree must audition before members of the appropriate applied music faculty for acceptance into a music degree program. Students may pursue either a BM or BA in Church Music.

The Church Music major in the Bachelor of Music (BM) program at Baylor allows students to concentrate on one of three different emphases depending on their primary instrument: keyboard, instrumental or voice. The Bachelor of Arts program is designed in the liberal arts tradition and is a good fit for students who want a church music degree and who want to take additional courses outside of their major course of study.

All majors offered through the School of Music require ensemble participation each semester. The School of Music offers a variety of ensemble opportunities in the following areas: Band, Choir, Early Music Ensemble, Handbells, Jazz, Opera Theater, Orchestra and Chamber Music. The School of Music presents more than 300 concerts every year.

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