Pre-dentistry is a program at Baylor, not a specific major. The program combines the student's major with courses that best prepares them for dental school. Students may select almost any major.  They must complete several required biology, chemistry and physics courses in the process. Their liberal arts foundation is broad-based and helps with their future specialized professional training.  Dental schools accept students with majors in both non-science and science disciplines.

Baylor has a Pre-med/Pre-dent Advisory Committee.  This committee prepares students for the rigorous dental school application process.  It interviews and evaluates applicants for professional school based on many factors including teacher evaluation and personal presentation. The committee works with many medical and dental schools.  Their comprehensive evaluations are often an important component of the students' application. This evaluation process keeps students on track.  Acceptance into dental school is based on undergraduate GPA and the Advisory Committee evaluation.  It is also based on Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores.

Alpha Epsilon Delta is a student-led organization for students interested in Pre-Health Care programs. AED offers opportunities for intellectual and professional development.  It provides a forum for students with common interests and also extends a program of service to benefit both the Waco and the Baylor communities.  

Baylor offers several Living-Learning Centers which are housing opportunities designed to place students of common interests together.  The Science & Health Living-Learning Center is a residential option that's available for pre-health students.  Students are able to collaborate with each other, science faculty and medical researchers.  

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