The Anthropology major is a holistic study examining the entirety of the human condition. The major includes the study of biology, society, culture and language. Students learn about these topics through classroom lectures, seminars and hands-on field and laboratory research. Courses include:
  • Death, Injury and Physical Remains
  • Ethnographic Methods
  • The Human Fossil Record
  • Culture, Personality and Identity
  • Archaeology of the East Mediterranean
Majors must take a Field School course. Field School courses consist of small group research projects where students collect and analyze data. Courses are taught in Guatemala, Appalachia, Belize and Waco.

The Anthropology major is a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree. Both degrees prepare students to enter graduate study. The BS degree emphasizes biological and behavioral sciences. The BA degree focuses on behavioral and cultural studies.

The Anthropology Department offers two areas of study: Cultural Anthropology and Forensic Anthropology.

Graduates with an Anthropology major most often continue their studies and research in graduate school. Others enter the workforce as museum curators or work for goverment agencies or cultural organizations.

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