The Baylor History program provides students with a vast array of historical studies. Students are able to focus on a variety of topics, learn the facts, and gain the ability to analyze data in a critical manner while interpreting its meaning for human lives. Available courses include:

  • Medieval Britain
  • Ancient Rome
  • Hitler and the Holocaust
  • Historiography and Philosophy of History
  • History of Medicine 

Baylor’s undergraduate scholarly publication, The Pulse, promotes academic writing among students. Students with exceptional writing and research skills can have their work featured.  This can be for their classes or for their Honors or University Scholars thesis. The Pulse also provides opportunities for students to gain experience in the publication process.

Studying abroad is recommended for History majors. It provides students with a deeper understanding of the topics at hand. More information on study abroad opportunities can be found at the Study Abroad webpage.

Graduates of the History program often continue their studies through graduate or law school. Some enter the workforce as teachers or public historians. Others find employment through various agencies of the government. 

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