International Studies

International Studies is an interdisciplinary major focused on the social, political and economic issues confronting the international environment as well as regions of the world. International studies majors love learning about languages and cultures. They like to spend time outside and want to help people. The curriculum is flexible, allowing students to choose classes that focus on the issues and regions they care about most.

  Available courses include:    

  • The Peoples and Culture of Asia
  • Governments and Politics of Latin America 
  • War and Peace in the Middle East
  • Introduction to German Culture: Germany in the Making
  • Making American Foreign Policy
  • World Food Problems 
  • International Communication
  • Ethnopolitical Conflicts
  • International Law
  • Economic Systems of the World
  • World Religions

Students must pass at least one upper-level modern foreign language class. Baylor offers upper-level courses in these languages:  Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Students have the option of participating in multiple organizations including Model United NationsModel Organization of American States and Model Arab League. These experiences give students an opportunity to combine applied research with persuasive speaking to enhance what they learn in the classroom. Many students choose to complete an internship with Baylor in Washington.

Study abroad is recommended for all International Studies majors but is not required unless students add an intensive concentration to the major. Studying abroad is a good way to make cross-cultural connections, develop a global perspective and build foreign language skills. For information on all Baylor's study abroad programs, visit the Study Abroad webpage.

Graduates will be equipped for positions in international business, government, language services and education, humanitarian work and journalism. Many graduates will also choose to continue their studies through graduate or law school, which provide students with the opportunity to pursue careers in diplomacy, intelligence, policy-making, ministry, education or law.  

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