Slavic and East European Studies

Slavic and East European Studies surveys countries that make-up more than one-fifth of the global landmass and are collectively home to more than 300 million people. Coursework includes studies of the Slavic culture, politics and history. It is paired with intensive studies of the Russian language. Available courses include:
  • The Cold War
  • Traditional Music and Culture in Europe
  • Russian Literature
  • Russian Drama
Studying abroad is an important aspect to all foreign studies. The Russian Department offers several study abroad and exchange programs, specific to Slavic studies, including one with Voronezh State university in Voronezh, Russia. For more information, contact Michael Long.

Graduates often continue their studies through graduate or law school. Others can expect to find careers in fields such as international business, teaching, international organizations, religious affairs, law, the fine arts and positions in the U.S. government.

Baylor University offers several Living-Learning Centers, which are housing opportunities designed to place students of common interests together in living and learning environments. The Baylor and Beyond Living-Learning Center is one that would be of particular interest to Slavic and East European Studies students. Although available to students of all majors and classifications, the Global Community LLC is ideal for students majoring in foreign languages or studies and wishing to put their skills into practice.

For more information: Slavic and East European Studies