Admission Plans

Early Decision and Early Action allow students to receive an admission decision earlier than their peers who apply Regular Admission. Once accepted, students can pay the enrollment deposit and complete the Housing Application. 

For more information, see the Key Documents Chart.

Early Decision

Early Decision is a binding agreement for students who will commit to Baylor, if accepted. This is a decision plan for those that have Baylor as their first choice for college. With this agreement, the student, a parent, and a high school counselor sign a contract stating that the student will deposit and enroll at Baylor upon acceptance. Students must complete their online application for Baylor as well as send in a high school transcript, test scores, essay, and a short answer response by November 1. Applicants are encouraged to submit recommended items as well, which includes recommendation letters, a resume or Zeemee profile, and a second short answer response. Those applying Early Decision may still apply to other institutions with a non-binding application. However, if accepted to Baylor under the Early Decision plan, they must withdraw all other schools' applications. They will receive a decision back no later than December 15 and have a deposit deadline of February 1. Questions? Check out our Early Decision FAQ's or contact your Admissions Counselor for further details.

Early Action

The Early Action deadline is designed for students who want to complete the admissions process early in their senior year. Applying Early Action does not restrict a student from applying to other schools or for scholarships and financial aid. Early Action applicants must complete their application and submit required materials by November 1. They will receive an admission decision by January 15 and, if accepted, have until May 1 to make their final decision.

Regular Admission

Regular Admission is our latest and final application deadline. This is designed for students who do not complete their application by the Early Decision or Early Action plans under the November 1 deadline. With this decision plan, students must complete their application and submit required materials by February 1, and they will receive a decision back no later than April 10 with a deposit deadline of May 1. Any applications received after the last deadline of February 1 are not guaranteed to be reviewed. Any applicants after the deadline will be considered for campus housing and academic scholarships based on available space.