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Distinguished Scholars Day

Many academic departments offer enhanced visit experiences for academically talented students. These invitation-only events, called Distinguished Scholars Days, are offered in conjunction with the standard campus visit and are designed to showcase exciting discipline-specific opportunities available. Participants can also apply for a $3,000 Distinguished Scholarship after attending the event.

Who Can Attend

Students must meet minimum test score requirements to be invited to attend. Scores vary by academic department (see below). Registration is available on a first come, first served basis.

Art 1220 SAT 27 ACT
Business 1300 SAT 30 ACT
Engineering & Computer Science 1300 SAT 30 ACT
Education 1220 SAT 27 ACT
English 1300 SAT 30 ACT
Honors College 1300 SAT 30 ACT
Mathematics 1300 SAT 30 ACT
Modern Languages & Cultures 1220 SAT 27 ACT
Nursing 1220 SAT 27 ACT
Theatre 1220 SAT 27 ACT

How Do I Register?

If you think you qualify to attend a Distinguished Scholars Day, be sure to submit your application for admission as soon as possible. Based on the intended major selected on the application for admission, students who meet the minimum criteria will be notified through their goBAYLOR account and invited to register for the event. To allow as many students as possible to benefit from Distinguished Scholars Days, you may only attend one event that corresponds to the intended major you select when applying for admission.


Art February 23
Business October 27 November 3 November 17 January 30
Engineering & Computer Science November 14 February 13 February 27
Education November 10 February 6
English November 21
Honors College November 21 February 6
Mathematics November 21 February 6
Modern Languages & Cultures November 21 February 6
Nursing November 3 November 21 January 30
Theatre February 13


Schedules vary but generally include an admissions and financial aid presentation, campus tour and interaction with department faculty and current students. Registered students will receive a detailed schedule about a week before the event.

Scholarship Details

Students who attend a Distinguished Scholars Day can apply for a $3,000 Distinguished Scholarship. This scholarship is renewable over four years and is stackable on top of Baylor academic scholarships. Details on how to apply for the scholarship will be provided to attendees.
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