Non-Resident Membership

Teal College is a tightknit community. Students who leave the community often express their desire to remain affiliated with it in some formal way. Non-resident membership is an opportunity to "officially" recognize what is already true: that the relationships they formed while living in the hall have not simply disappeared with their departure - that they are, in essence, still members of the community. The following provisions for non-resident membership in Teal Residential College reflect the College Constitution II.3.a-d and criteria set by the Faculty Steward:


Definition: A non-resident member is any student not residing within Teal Residential College yet still eligible to participate in the College's events and use facilities or other college resources. Non-resident members receive the following privileges:

  • Access to Teal facilities. (Non-resident members will not be given swipe access to the hallways, but will be assigned a Community Leader so that they are included in floor activities.)
  • Access to all programming, events, and other college resources
  • Voting privileges

The following is expected of non-resident members:

  • Pay the $75 College programming fee one time.
  • Uphold the standards and expectations of the College Constitution, the College Council, and Campus Living & Learning.
  • Membership will be revoked if the member joins another living and learning program on campus or fails to pay the membership fee.
  • Non-resident members will be given a form of identification and must be prepared to display it upon request.


To be eligible for non-resident membership, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a current engineering, computer science, or pre-nursing major.
  • Must have resided in Teal College for two full years, or one full year if an applicant has been forced to leave Teal becasue of a lack of available space.
  • Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA per semester. (According to the Teal Constitution II.3.d, non-residents who do not maintain the set GPA requirements must contact the Faculty Master to discuss the extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, membership is forfeited.)

Students who are eligible and want to apply for non-resident membership must prepare the following for the online application:

  • Response to the following questions: In your time living in Teal, how did you contribute to the life of the community? What do you hope to get out of being a non-resident member? How will you support the mission of Teal in this new role?
  • The names and contact information of two current Teal residents who will support his or her application for non-resident membership.

For more information, please email