College Council

College Council

The College Council is the student leadership body for the College. The College Council serves as a liaison between the students and staff of Teal Residential College. Under the advisement of the Faculty Steward and Program Director, the Council seeks to foster a sense of community through intentional programming. The programs planned and implemented by the Teal College Council are the sole initiative of the students. See pictures from recent College Council programs here.

The 2016-17 College Council members are. . .

President: Sam Damewood
Vice President: Brice Boren
Board Leader - Community Involvement: London Steele
Board Leader - Student Development: Riley Choquette
Secretary: Parker Leach
Historian: Valentin Medina
Treasurer: Ranti George
CL Representative: Zach Garst
Non-Resident Member Representative: Melanie Van Damme

General Council Members: Bridget Park, Hunter Dentino, Julia Eilers, Kyra Miller, Lauren Rippy, and Parker Wagner.

Are you a first year student? Would you like to join college council? Please apply here! Applications due by August 21st at 11:59pm.