How does it work?

How does Mapworks produce the report?

Mapworks utilizes information from the following: 1) information Baylor University gathered from students during the admission process and 2) information provided by students taking the online survey. Mapworks takes the input from the university and individual students to produce a final report to assist students in being academically successful.

Survey participants get immediate personalized feedback from Mapworks that can be viewed online as a PDF document.  Each report helps the student understand his/her personal strengths and weaknesses. It also details pertinent campus resources as well as comparing individual results to general information gathered from peers as they adapt to campus life.

Some of the information used in the report come from the following:

  • Learning (expectations, past earned grades, and study skills)
  • Connections (residence hall life, student activities, and staff/faculty relationships)
  • Self-knowledge (academic abilities and self management)