Why Mapworks?

Information for Students...

Mapworks takes information each student has provided to Baylor and gives the student feedback concerning academic strategies in terms of stated goals. Fall 2012 is the first time we are using Mapworks for the incoming freshmen and transfer students. The students who participate in the Mapworks Fall Transition Survey are expected to:

  • Earn a higher GPA due to identified problem areas
  • Identify academic weaknesses and discover campus resources for assistance
  • Benefit from additional direct and individualized staff support and assistance
  • Receive personalized feedback from the survey results immediately

We understand that students are busy with coursework and adjusting to the various aspects of college life. However, the information that students can gain from the Mapworks Fall Transition Survey will be invaluable to academic pursuits.

Information for Faculty/Staff...

Mapworks will be very useful in helping faculty and staff share appropriate information to get students connected to the correct resources on campus. Our previous referral system relied on faculty members seeing behaviors and reporting them. However, the Mapworks Fall Transition Survey is designed to gather information from the students that will give indications about the resources students may need to utilize in order to successfully progress at Baylor University.

The Mapworks system will have users in multiple departments across campus (just a few departments will use it this first semester). The information is only to be used to assist students in their persistence and study strategies so that students achieve the ultimate goal: graduation in four years.

Information for Parents...

If the student is willing to share, the feedback from the Mapworks Fall Transition Survey would be good to see and discuss with your student.  Many parents have had to overcome obstacles, plan ahead, and adjust strategies in just living from day to day. Parental wisdom in addressing the issues that may surface can prove to be crucial in student accessing the resources on campus.