Study Strategies Instruction

Do you find yourself asking - Why is Baylor so much harder than I expected? How can I get all this reading done? Why am I getting behind and how do I catch up? Why don't I have time to do everything? Why are my test grades so low?

STL 1200

Dtrategic Learning builds on the experience and academic abilities a student already has and targets the practical tools, information, strategies, academic skill development, critical thinking skills, and self-knowledge necessary for succeeding academically and earning a Baylor degree.

STL 1101

STL 1101 Seminars
Each section of STL 1101 is a topical seminar for one elective hour of credit, graded on a Pass/Fail basis (does not calculate into the GPA). The 5- to 10-week seminars are scheduled throughout the semester. Check "Course Listings" for topics, meeting day and time, and start dates. Seminars vary each semester but typically include the following topics:
  • Mentoring
    Meet weekly with a trained mentor who can provide encouragement as well as specific academic guidance for using effective study strategies and productive self-management skills.

  • Mind Over Math
    Discover and practice the best ways to approach a college math course including note taking, preparation, exams, and working with a study group.

  • Identifying Potential Careers
    Explore career options and potential majors from the perspectives of personality type, interests, and values. (Requires a permit from the office of Career Counseling)

  • Making Pre-Healthcare Courses "Bear-able"
    Continue development of college-level study strategies and self-management skills necessary for success in all course work. Benefit from targeted emphasis on strategies for biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics as well as an insightful look at professional school.

  • Independent Study
    Complete an individualized, self-selected topic stemming from areas of personal growth and development, career goals, or personal interest. (Requires a permit from the office of Academic Support Programs)