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Associate Vice Provost of Academic Enrollment Management

Sinda Vanderpool Dr. Sinda Vanderpool has been at Baylor since 2004. She holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University and a B.A. from Davidson College. She is currently the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Enrollment Management. Previously, she served as a faculty member in the Modern Languages and Cultures Department and as the Director of CASA, the College of Arts and Sciences Advisement office.

The Associate Vice Provost for Academic Enrollment Management is the academic affairs liaison to Enrollment Management, under the office of Finance and Administration. The Associate Vice Provost oversees the Paul L. Foster Success Center and works with Deans, Department Chairs, and Directors across campus to deepen engagement with recruitment and student success in their respective areas.

There are three chief enrollment officers at Baylor:

  • Jennifer Carron, Assistant Vice President of Admissions Services
  • Diana Ramey, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management
  • Sinda Vanderpool, Associate Vice Provost of Academic Enrollment Management

The Enrollment Revenue and Strategy Group also plays a central role in setting the financial aid leveraging. That group is chaired by the Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services, Jackie Diaz.

Responsibilites and Direct Reports

Recruitment Resources

Because transformational education of undergraduates begins with the students who enroll, faculty members are asked to recruit future Baylor graduates who are a good fit both for your field of study as well as Baylor University.

Feedback from our recruiting efforts consistently reveals that interaction with faculty is an extraordinarily positive experience for prospective students and their families. Often, contact with faculty can seal the deal with a prospective student who is faced with making an important life decision.

General Academic Enrollment Management

At Baylor, we believe that every admitted student can find a successful path at Baylor. The overarching goal of managing academic enrollment is to facilitate student success and progress toward graduation while working within the resource capacities of the academic areas and in light of the institutional goals and revenue needs.

General undergraduate enrollment strategy is set by the Enrollment Management Council (EMC), comprised primarily of deans and vice presidents. Implementation of that strategy is developed and implemented by the Enrollment Management Working Group (EMWG).

Enrollment Map 2013-2014

EMWG Documents

EMC Documents

Task Force on Advisement

Academic Program Enrollment Task Force 2013-2014

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