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The online student ticket process will ensure the reservation, return, and gameday use of tickets is a great experience from beginning to end so Baylor students can take part in cheering on their Bears as they begin their Big 12 title defense.

Did you Know?
  • The student ticket allotment can seat 70% of Baylor students. Most schools in the Big 12 only seat 25% of students.
  • The 2014 average attendance was 8,900 students per game. The allotment at McLane Stadium with standing room only ticket included is 9,000.
  • The student section, consuming the entire lower concourse from goal line to goal line, is one of the best seating locations in the conference.
Statement on Ticket Issues - September 8, 2015

This afternoon Baylor University experienced significant delays in the distribution of student tickets due to a technical error by our ticket vendor Spectra Ticketing. Spectra noted, "Today we experienced technical issues that resulted in slowness during the student ticket on-sale. We are actively working with our technical team to address the issues to ensure a seamless experience for future on sales and apologize for the experience the students at Baylor had today."

Baylor University Director of Student Activities Matt Burchett added, "We share a mutual aspiration with our campus partners for Baylor students to have a great experience with the BDSC Ticket Office. Unfortunately, our long-term campus partner, Spectra Ticketing, did not meet these expectations today due to a technical malfunction. We have addressed the most immediate concerns with the vendor and will continue to work with Spectra to fully resolve the issues of today. We are grateful for the patience and understanding of our students and anticipate a better experience in future ticket distributions."

We appreciate the 9,000+ students who were able to receive tickets in the delayed process. Further, the University has agreed to release additional student tickets over the next couple days to create more opportunities for students to attend the season opener against Lamar University. If you have questions regarding your ticket account or the technical issues you experienced, please contact

Ticket Reservation Times
  • Baylor v. Lamar: Tuesday, September 8, 5:00pm
  • Baylor v. Rice: Monday, September 21, 5:00pm
  • Baylor v. West Virginia, Monday, Ocotber 12, 5:00pm
  • Baylor v. Iowa State (Homecoming), Monday, October 19, 5:00pm
  • Baylor v. Oklahoma, Monday, November 9, 5:00pm
  • Baylor v. Texas, Monday, November 30, 5:00pm
Gate and Arrival Information

  • General Admission: Students with general admission tickets may enter McLane Stadium through all gates and entrances except the Baylor Line section and berm seating.
  • Standing Room Only: SRO tickets may enter into all gates with spaces behind the student section to stand and enjoy the game.
Baylor Line Information (Watch the "How To" Video Below)
  • Baylor Line students must report to the Baylor Line gate, located in the South Plaza, behind the scoreboard 45 minutes prior to kick-off.
  • Students need to have their Baylor Line ticket, Student ID card, and be wearing their Baylor Line Jersey.
  • Only students with a Baylor Line ticket will be allowed to run the Line.
  • Students will have access to water and restrooms, although there is not access to the rest of the stadium until you’ve run the Line and taken your seats in the stadium.
  • Students with a Baylor Line ticket who choose not to participate in the Baylor Line may still enter the stadium with the general student population, but they may not take their seats in the Baylor Line section until the Line has run and taken their seats.
  • Be Loud. Be Proud. Sic'em.
Return Ticket Distribution

All returned tickets will be distributed from the McLane Stadium Box Office three (3) hours in advance of kick-off. Student may return their ticket by logging into their account and clicking "Return Ticket".

Setting Up Your Ticket Account
  • Click HERE to go directly to the link.
  • If you are setting up your account for the first time click Register.
  • Insert your BUID Number
  • Click Activate
  • Enter your Baylor email address to ensure all information is sent directly to your account.
  • You do not have to enter credit card information at this time.
  • Click Next Step and then Complete
  • Return to HERE to reserve your ticket.
Ticket Availability

The student section consists of 2,800 Baylor Line tickets, 5,200 general student tickets, and 1,000 standing room only tickets. Guest tickets will not be available for purchase due to space restrictions.


The online student ticket process is as follows:

  • Tickets are available for online reservation beginning at 5:00 pm 5 days prior to the next home game. This will typically be on Monday afternoon and will be adjusted for Sunday or Thursday games as necessary.
  • Students will have the capability of a mobile-only ticketing option for their tickets. A student ID is still required for admittance to the stadium.
  • Students that have reserved a ticket and are no longer able to attend may return tickets through the online return process by noon two days in advance of kick-off.
  • All unclaimed tickets in the berm will be returned to Baylor Athletics for resale to the public starting two (2) days in advance of the game.
  • Returned student tickets will be redistributed on a first-come, first-served basis starting four (4) hours in advance of kick-off on gameday at the McLane Stadium Box Office
  • Student tickets are not transferable and not able to be sold.

Baylor has a number of policies to ensure as many students as possible have the opportunity to attend home games at McLane Stadium. The policies are intended to encourage active participation and responsibility for attending home football games. It is our hope to pack the stands with the best fans in the world...our students!

  • Students that reserve a ticket and do not attend the scheduled home game will be placed on a restricted listing for the next home game. Whereas all other students are able to begin reserving tickets 5 days prior to the home football game, students under this restriction will be able to begin reserving tickets 4 days prior to the home football game.
  • Students who do not attend a game due to inclement weather conditions are still subject to restrictions for the following home game.
  • There are no restrictions for students who return their unused ticket by Thursday prior to the home game.
  • Students who attempt to sell a reserved student ticket will be prohibited from reserving tickets for the remainder of the season.
  • Students who attempt to transfer their ticket to another student or non-student will be restricted from reserving tickets for two home games.
Special Accommodations

The University recognizes that some home games may require accommodations outside the normal policy. This includes restricting tickets for certain games or traditions that are essential to the Baylor experience.

Baylor Line
  • Students who are not able to reserve a Baylor Line ticket will be able to reserve other student tickets as available.
  • A student who does not have a Baylor Line ticket will not be able to run the Baylor Line. All students who have purchased a Line jersey will be able to run the Line within the first two games. Those who did not get access for the first game will be given priority for the second game.
  • Students who have a BL ticket do not have to run the Line although seating in the Line section will occur after the Line has run and those students have taken their seats.
  • Seniors: Baylor seniors who are graduating will have priority access to the Homecoming game and the final game of the season. The priority access will begin 2 hours in advance of the normal distribution timeframe.
  • Standing Room Only: The University will make available "standing room only" tickets for students who are not able to access seated tickets.