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The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the governing body for the twelve Inter/national fraternities that are chartered at Baylor University. The Council consists of a representative from each of the twelve member fraternities and an Executive Committee, that is elected to serve as officers for the Council. The IFC assists with chapters and membership development and education of the member fraternities.

The IFC national affiliated fraternities are dedicated to leadership development, academic achievement, brotherhood, spiritual growth, and service to the Baylor and Waco communities. Fraternal activities include intramurals, All University Sing, Homecoming, Steppin Out, community service projects, sorority mixers and other social events. The Interfraternity Council sponsors educational speakers and collaborates with the other Greek councils in planning and sponsoring All-Greek activities.

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President: Dean Rogers, [email protected]
Internal Vice President: Ethan Hinds, [email protected]
External Vice President: Ryder McCool, [email protected]
VP of Recruitment: Jim Freeman, [email protected]
VP of Member Development: Vacant
VP of Activities: Kevin Blouse, [email protected]
VP of Scholarship & Service: Patrick Zimmerman, [email protected]

Advisor, Coordinator of Greek Life for Fraternities: Erin Ellis,[email protected]
Graduate Assistant for Greek Life: Marie Crommett,[email protected]


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Alpha Tau Omega, Texas Theta Nu Chapter
Nickname: ATO
Nationl Founding: Virginia Military Institute, 1865
Colors: Azure and Old Gold
Visit Alpha Tau Omega's National Website.
Status: Suspended until Spring 2017

Beta Theta Pi, Delta Psi Chapter
Nickname: Beta
National Founding: Miami University in Oxford, 1839
Colors: Delicate shades of Pink and Blue
Visit Beta Theta Pi's National Website.
Status: Active

Delta Tau Delta, Theta Delta Chapter
Nickname: Delt
National Founding: Bethany College, 1858
Colors: Royal Purple, White, and Gold
Visit Delta Tau Delta's National Website.
Status: Active

KA Crest

Kappa Alpha Order
(returning to campus in Spring 2016)
Nickname: KA
National Founding: Washington College, 1865
Colors: Crimson and Old Gold
Visit Kappa Alpha Order's National Website.
Status: Active

Kappa Sigma, Lambda Tau Chapter
Nickname: Kappa Sig, Ksig
National Founding: University of Virginia, 1869
Colors: Scarlet, White, Emerald
*Visit Kappa Sigma's National Website.
Visit Kappa Sigma's Chapter Website.
Status: Active

Lambda Phi Epsilon, Alpha Gamma Chapter
Nickname: Lambdas
National Founding: University of California at Los Angeles, 1981
Colors: Royal Blue and White
Visit Lambda Phi Epsilon's National Website.
Status: Active

Phi Delta Theta, Texas Lambda Chapter
Nickname: Phi Delt
National Founding: Miami University, 1848
Colors: Azure and Argent
Visit Phi Delta Theta's National Website.
Visit Phi Delta Theta's Recruitment Website.
Status: Suspended until Spring 2018

Phi Gamma Delta, Kappa Chapter
Nickname: FIJI, Phi Gam
National Founding: Jefferson College, 1848
Colors: Royal Purple and White
Visit Phi Gamma Delta's National Website.
Status: Active

Phi Iota Alpha, Tau Chapter
Nickname: Fiotas
National Founding: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1931
Colors: Red, White, Navy Blue, and Gold
Visit Phi Iota Alpha's National Website.
Visit Phi Iota Alpha's Chapter Website.
Status: Active

Pi Kapp Crest

Pi Kappa Phi, Theta Kappa Chapter
Nickname: Pi Kapp
National Founding: College of Charleston, 1904
Colors: Gold, White, and Royal Blue
Visit Pi Kappa Phi's National Website.
Status: Active

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Texas Theta Chapter
Nickname: SAE
National Founding: University of Alabama, 1856
Colors: Royal Purple and Old Gold
Visit Sigma Alpha Epsilon's National Website.
Status: Suspended until Spring 2017

Sigma Chi Crest

Sigma Chi, Eta Omega Colony
Nickname: Sigma Chi
National Founding: Miami University, 18556
Colors: Blue and Old Gold
Visit Sigma Chi's National Website.
Status: Active

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Texas Rho Chapter
Nickname: Sig Ep
National Founding: Richmond College, 1901
Colors: Red and Purple
Visit Sigma Phi Epsilon's National Website.
Status: Active

Tau Kappa Epsilon, Omicron Pi Chapter
Nickname: Teke
National Founding: Illinois Wesleyan University, 1899
Colors: Cherry and Grey
Visit Tau Kappa Epsilon's National Website.
Status: Active