Student Organization Policy


The Department of Student Activities desires to support and encourage all student organizations, student leaders, and advisors at Baylor University. We achieve this goal through personal relationships, training sessions, and, in this case, printed materials.

Student organizations are chartered by the University to allow current students to gather together in unison behind a shared mission. These organizations contribute positively to the campus, adhere to expectations for the entire Baylor community, and abide by all University policies governing both individual students and student organizations. Groups of students not chartered by the University may not affiliate themselves with Baylor University, the Department of Student Activities or other official university organizations. Many benefits are extended to chartered student organizations, such as the ability to reserve campus spaces, the ability to advertise for organization activities on campus, and the ability to apply for funding through the Student Government Allocation Fund.

Please review this manual to understand the stated policies and procedures for all Baylor student organizations. These expectations exist to guide, support, empower, and even protect organizations as they operate during the upcoming academic year. As a student organization member or advisor, it is paramount that you are well-versed in these topics to lead your organization properly and achieve both the organization’s mission and intended goals. Inside you’ll find information regarding practical topics as well as philosophical underpinnings, and come to understand that Student Activities will partner with your organization to help achieve your goals.

If you have any additional questions please come by our office on the first floor of the Bill Daniel Student Center (The SUB) or call us at 254-710-2371. For your convenience, these policies and procedures are also available online on the Connect system and our website: .

Thank you, and best wishes to you and your organization this upcoming year!