Sexual is assault is any unwanted sexual contact. Sexual assault includes the full range of sexual behaviors from fondling, kissing and oral sex all the way to completed rape. Sexual assault can be terrifying and often leaves survivors feeling panicked, afraid, completely unsafe, guilty, confused, and isolated.

The first thing that we want you to know is that we care about what has happened to you. At Baylor there is a community of caring professionals who want to help you recover from this experience. We will not blame you for what has happened to you, and want you to know that if you have been assaulted, it’s not your fault.

Sexual assault often generates a feeling of your life being out of control. We will not try to take control of your recovery, or require you to respond in a certain way. We simply want to help you feel safe, and to provide you with the very best resources. We believe that it takes strength to survive an assault, and that your strength will enable you to overcome your fear and pain. We also want to add our strength to yours so that you can have the best possible outcome.


Go to a safe place as soon as you can and call the police.
Tell Someone!
Call someone you trust.
Go to the hospital. Go to the ER and ask to be examined and treated.
Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center
Providence Hospital
Contact Police. Preserve evidence by not washing, combing, or cleaning yourself, or changing your clothes.
Baylor Police Department
Waco Police Department
McLennan County Sheriff's Department


Report what has happened
Counseling. Seek assistance from professionals who can help you with immediate needs.
Baylor Counseling Center
Advocacy Center
File a police report whether you intend to press charges or not.
Baylor Police Department
Waco Police Department
McLennan County Sheriff's Department


We all need help from time to time. Trauma comes in all forms and often requires multiple forms of assistance.
Student Ombuds
Baylor Counseling Center
University Chaplain
Health Center
Criminal Processes
A personal lawyer
Student Conduct Adminstration
Student Conduct Adminstration
Title IX
Title IX Compliance Officer