Students of Concern

The mission of the Students of Concern Work Group is to serve as consultants to various campus constituents who may have concerns about students on the campus of Baylor University based upon their interactions with these individuals. The group will meet monthly and more often if needed to help fulfill the following goals: a. Educate and train campus community members about the role and purpose of the work group so that faculty, staff, and students know how and when to bring an issue to the group's attention b. Determine the most appropriate systems, both inside and outside the institution, for assessing students of concern c. Work together to determine how best to intervene with students when necessary d. Facilitate efforts to gather information regarding students who come to the attention of the team and help ensure that necessary action is taken as needed at the time e. Engage in a collaborative process to review the most appropriate policies and procedures governing the group's operation.1
Resource: 2010 Identifying and Responding to Students of Concern

1John Dunkle, Zachary Silverstein, and Scott Warner Managing Violent and Other Troubling Students: The Role of Threat Assessment Teams on Campus, Journal of College and University Law, Vol. 34, No. 3:591-92