Class Attendance

University policy requires that to earn credit in a course the student must be officially enrolled by the end of the second full week of the semester and attend at least 75% of all class meetings. Faculty members may establish additional attendance requirements as outlined in course syllabi. Excessive lateness will be dealt with by the individual instructor. Any student who is not present for at least 75% of the scheduled class sessions for any course will automatically receive a grade of "F" in the course. Any University-related activity necessitating an absence from class shall count as an absence when determining whether a student has attended the required 75% of class meetings.

All course requirements may not necessarily be fulfilled by meeting the 75% minimum. The student bears the responsibility for the effect which absences may have upon class participation, announced and unannounced examinations, written assignments, reports, papers, and other means of evaluating performance in a course. At the same time, if a student's required participation in a University-sponsored activity causes a student to be absent from class, and if the student seeks to make arrangements prior to the absence to complete scheduled assignments, the faculty member is expected to work with the student to allow for the completion of class work and assignments.

Students are usually allowed to make up class work and/or tests missed because of serious illness, accident, or death in the family. In these circumstances, students should contact their professors as soon as they are able. The office of the University Chaplain will notify faculty on behalf of a student when the serious nature of the situation prohibits the student from being able to make immediate contact such as in the case of hospitalization or the death of an immediate family member. Any request by faculty to verify the nature of an absence should be made to the student upon his/her return.

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