{ Student Life Advisory }
The Student Life Advisory board comprises a group of volunteer leaders who are committed to the mission of Student Life--to enrich the Baylor experience through life changing programs and services resulting in an integrated education known for leadership, service, Christian faith, and the total development of students--and to promoting and supporting specific opportunities to meet the needs of the division.

The Board meets twice a year, with each member serving a two-year term.

2013-2014 Board Members

Claudia Allcorn -- Abilene, Texas

Wayne and Leslie Allen -- Anaheim Hills, California

Kristi Bradford -- Austin, Texas

Tom and Libby De Paolo -- Scottsdale, Arizona

Wayne and Kathy Harrell -- Fredericksburg, Texas

Robert Hatley -- Austin, Texas

Sam and Rebecca Henry -- Spring, Texas

Bob and Margaret Hollis -- Garden Grove, California

Jim and Peggy Hudson -- Waco, Texas

Robert and Evelyn Janssen -- Sugarland, Texas

Bruce and Patricia Jolesch -- Dallas, Texas

Don Jurgensen -- China Springs, Texas

Rob Little -- Dallas, Texas

Sandy and Gretchen McCormack -- Waco, Texas

Donald and Iva McLachlan -- Georgetown, Texas

Bob and Joyce Packard -- Waco, Texas

Joe and Becky Panter -- Paradise Valley, Arizona

Randy and Phyllis Patterson -- San Antonio, Texas

Paige Pennington -- Waco, Texas

Jerome Rose -- Dallas, Texas

Randy and Stacy Sharp -- Amarillo, Texas

Martine Simpson -- Bridgeport, Texas

Biff and Cindy Smith -- Shreveport, Louisiana

Ted and Joy Sprink -- San Marcos, California

Russell and Debbe Trippet -- Waco, Texas

Bill and Eva Williams -- Scottsdale, Arizona

Ron and Betty Wilson -- Waco, Texas

Roxanne Wilson -- Austin, Texas

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