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Vehicle/Boat Supervisor - Biology

1. Date: 4/1/14
2. Category: Miscellaneous
3. Work Begins: Spring
4. Position Title: Vehicle/Boat Supervisor
5. Pre-approved rate: $7.25/hr
6. Number of positions: 1
7. Hours Per Week Required: 15 (available; no minimum guaranteed per pay period)
8. Days and Times Required: Flexible daytime
9. Position Description: Responsible for maintaining 5 vehicles and 3 boats for the Biology Depatment including but not limited to maintaining proper fluid levels, air in tires, minor repair and transporting vehicles to and from facilities for major repair, transporting boats to and from area lakes and to and from repair facilities, and any other duties determined by director and/or office staff.
10. Skills Required: General knowledge of vehicle/boat maintenance, ability to lift and carry 60-100 pounds, knowledge of campus layout, ability to deal with people at various levels of authority, ability to multi-task with minimum supervision, maximum flexibility and short leadtime.
11. Special Instructions: Applicant must have read and understood description of needs before applying for position, presented a current (valid) driver's license, acquired a Treasurer's Office approved driving record, and filed a completed application form. A 2-year employment commitment is preferred. Please be sure that you have accepted your financial aid offer for this year and that you are approved to work!
12. Department or Grant Project Name: Biology
13. Department or Grant Project Number: 032-1303
14: Queue Number: BIOQ1
15. Address: OBP 97388
16. Building Location: BSB
17. Room Number: B.207
18. Contact Name: Dr. Robert Baldridge
19. Contact Email Address:
20. Phone: 2911
21. Fax: 2969