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Jeremy Uecker

Assistant Professor of Sociology

One Bear Place, # 97326
Waco, Texas 76798-7326

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Jeremy Uecker joined the sociology department as an assistant professor in 2012. His research and teaching interests include religion, family, sexual behavior, stratification, mental health, and the transition to adulthood. Dr. Uecker’s published works has appeared in Social Forces, Journal of Marriage and Family, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, and other academic journals. His co-authored book Premarital Sex in America: How Young Adults Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying was published by Oxford University Press in 2011.

Recent Publications


Regnerus, Mark, and Jeremy Uecker. 2011. Premarital Sex in America: How Young Americans Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying. New York: Oxford University Press.

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

Stroope, Samuel, Michael J. McFarland, and Jeremy E. Uecker. Forthcoming. “Marital Characteristics and the Sexual Relationships of U.S. Older Adults: An Analysis of National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project Data.” Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Uecker, Jeremy E. 2014. “Religion and Early Marriage in the United States: Evidence from the Add Health Study.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:392–415.

Uecker, Jeremy E., and Jonathan P. Hill. 2014. “Religious Schools, Home Schools, and the Timing of First Marriage and First Birth.” Review of Religious Research 56:189–218.

Uecker, Jeremy E., and Christopher G. Ellison. 2012. ’Parental Divorce, Parental Religious Characteristics, and Religious and Spiritual Outcomes in Adulthood.’ Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 41:777-794.

Wilcox, W. Bradford, Andrew J. Cherlin, Jeremy E. Uecker, and Matthew Messel. 2012. ’No Money, No Honey, No Church: The Deinstitutionalization of Religious Life among the White Working Class.’ Research in the Sociology of Work 23:227’250.

Uecker, Jeremy E. 2012. ’Marriage and Mental Health among Young Adults.’ Journal of Health and Social Behavior 53:67’83.

Uecker, Jeremy E., and Glenn Lucke. 2011. ’Protestant Clergy and the Culture Wars: An Empirical Test of Hunter’s Thesis.’ Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:692’706.

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