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Charles Tolbert
PHD Faculty - Dr. Charles Tolbert

Professor of Sociology
Chair, Department of Sociology

P.O. Box 97326
Waco, TX 76798
(254) 710-6060

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Charles Tolbert has been involved with graduate education since 1980 and came to Baylor in 2000. He returned to his alma mater (class of 1973) nearly 25 years later to build on the potential of the the small and highly effective applied sociology doctoral program. He is the chair of the sociology department. His areas of research include social stratification, social demography, rural sociology and quantitative applications. Dr. Tolbert teaches basic data analysis, advanced quantitative methods, and demographic techniques.

Recent Publications

Tolbert, Charles M., Troy C. Blanchard, C. Mencken, and Jing Li. “American Civic Community over Space and Time.” Forthcoming. 2015 in Reclaiming Space. (F. Howell and J. Porter (eds.), Springer Press.*

Halbesleben, Katie L. and Charles M. Tolbert. “Small, local, and loyal: How firm attributes affect workers’ organizational commitment.” Local Economy 29:795-809, 2014.*

Blanchard, Troy C., Samuel Stroope, and Charles M. Tolbert. “Bringing the Congregations Back In: Religious Markets, Congregational Density, and American Religious Participation.” Religions 5:929-947, 2014.*

Tolbert, Charles M., C. Mencken, Jing Li, and Lynn Riggs. “Traditional and Alternative Financial Institutions in Rural America.” Rural Sociology 79:355-379, 2014*

Stroope, Sam, A. Franzen, Charles M. Tolbert, and C. Mencken. “College Graduates, Local Retailers, and Community Belonging in the United States.” Sociological Spectrum 34:143-162, 2014.*

Tolbert, Charles M., F. Carson Mencken, T. Lynn Riggs, and Jing Li. “Chasing Capital.” International Innovation 126:88-89, 2014.*

Blanchard, Troy C., Charles M. Tolbert, and F. Carson Mencken. "The Health and Wealth of U.S. Counties: How the Small Business Environment Impacts Alternative Measures of Development." Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy, and Society. 5:149-162, 2012.

Hinze, Wes, F. Carson Mencken, and Charles M. Tolbert. �From Osama to Obama: Trust in Muslims among the Highly Religious in the United States.� Sociological Focus 44:18-36, 2011.

Tolbert, Charles M., Blanchard, Troy C., Irwin, Michael D. 2009. "Measuring Migration Profiling Residential Mobility across Two Decades." Journal of Applied Social Science. 3:2, 24-38

Donato, Katharine M., Charles M. Tolbert, A. Nucci, and Y. Kawano. 2008. �Changing Faces/Changing Places: The Emergence of Non-Metropolitan Immigrant Gateways.� In D. Massey and C. Hirschman, New Faces in New Places: The Changing Geography of American Immigration. New York: Russell Sage.

Donato, Katharine M., Charles M. Tolbert, Alfred Nucci, and Yukio Kawano. 2007. �Changes Faces, Changing Places: What Do Internal Census Data Tell Us About Immigrant Settlement in Nonmetropolitan America?� Rural Sociology. 72:511-536.

Tolbert, Charles M. 2005. �Minding Our Own Business: Locally Oriented Businesses and the Future of Southern Civic Community.� Social Forces 83:1309-1328.

Mencken, F. Carson, and Charles M. Tolbert. 2005. �Federal Spending and Economic Development in Appalachia� Rural Sociology 70:514-539.

Recent Awards and Honors

2014 Norma Williams Award for Distinguished Service. Southwestern Sociological Association.

2012 President, Southwestern Sociological Association

2011 President, Southern Demographic Association

2010 �Local Financial Institutions And The Performance Of Rural Entrepreneurs And Small Business� USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture, Agricultural and Food Research Initiative Competitive Grant Project No. TEXR-2010-04719 ($486,330 for 3 years; PI with co-PIs F. Carson Mencken and T. Lynn Riggs)

2008 �Nascent Employers and their First Employees: Hope for Development in Rural America?� Proposed submitted to the USDA National Research Initiative ($317.000 for 3 years; PI with Carson Mencken, co-PI).

2006 �Collaborative Research on Interfirm Job Mobility, Local Labor Markets, and Organizational Dynamics: Insights from a New U. S. Longitudinal Employer-Employee Data Resource.� National Science Foundation Program on Innovation and Organizational Change ($142,000 for 3 years; co-PI with Troy C. Blanchard, PI).

2006 �Rural Retail Firms and Workers in the Age of the Big Box: Evidence from the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics Program.� USDA National Research Initiative ($267,330 for 3 years; co-PI with Troy C. Blanchard, PI).

2005 AJS article (Tolbert et al., 1980) voted among 10 most influential of all time by the American Sociological Association�s Section on Occupations, Organizations, and Work.