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Summer Truett Theological Seminary Tuition & Fees

                                   2013 Summer Billing

The summer semester has three parts of term: the Minimester, Summer I, and Summer II.
Each student will receive one bill for the entire summer and charges on that bill will include all classes.
Summer 2013 Financial Settlement must be complete by the Due Date listed on your E-Bill.

A 2-payment installment plan will be available for the summer. If you choose to use
the installment plan, the first payment is due by the Due Date on your bill and the
second payment is due June 30.

If you have any questions concerning the billing of summer charges, please email the Cashier's Office.

Tuition and Fees Amount Estimate for
10 Hours
Tuition, per semester hour
$773.00 $7,730.00
General Student Fee, 12 hours or more per semester

Less than 12 hours per semester, per semester hour

Laboratory/Course Fee, (minimum) varies per course 50.00 50.00
Parking Permit, if purchased in Summer 100.00 100.00
Total Estimate $8,450.00

OTHER FEES, if applicable

Applied Music Fee, per summer semester for one 45-minute lesson per week
Audit Fee, per course
Change of Course Fee (student's request)
Identification Card Replacement Fee
Late Payment Fee:
Charged if Payment Due is received after Due Date


HSB Advanced Technology Lab Fee, per semester $25.00
Installment Plan fee, summer semester only $24.00
Student Life Center/Health Center Usage Fee, per summer semester $265.00
Residence hall room, full summer semester $1,668.00
BearBucks™ varies

The dining halls serve three meals per day Monday-Saturday. Breakfast and lunch only are served on Sunday. (Prices include 8.25% sales tax).

Reductions or Meal Plan drops may only be made through the fourth day of classes for Summer I and Summer II and through Friday of the 2nd week of classes for Full Summer. No reductions or drops will be permitted after June 7, 2013 for Summer Session I or June 13, 2013 for Full Summer or July 16, 2013 for Summer Session II. Any refunds or changes are made on a prorated basis and will be applied to any outstanding balance on your student account.

Prices per summer session
Meal Plan
Summer I
Summer II
The Works-16 Meal Plan
The Classic-11 Meal Plan
The Basic-7 Meal Plan
The Socialite-5 Meal Plan

Prices for the Full Summer semester

The Works-16 Meal Plan
The Classic-11 Meal Plan
The Basic-7 Meal Plan
The Socialite-5 Meal Plan