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MBA, CSD, SWO Graduate Tuition & Fees

Fall 2012/Spring 2013

Tuition and Required Fees Amount Estimate for
12 Hours or more
Tuition, per semester (12 hours or more)

Less than 12 semester hours, per semester hour

General Student Fee, 12 hours or more per semester

Less than 12 semester hours, per semester hour

Laboratory/Course Fee, (minimum) varies per course 50.00 50.00
Total required tuition and fees $16,908.00
Parking Permit, annual 300.00


*Basic-7 Meal Plan, per semester 1,150.70 1,150.70
**Residence hall room, per semester,
(community bath only)
2,482.00 2,482.00
Total Estimate $20,840.70

*For other meal plan rates, please visit Meal Plan Information & Cost.
**For other residence hall rates, please visit Campus Living and Learning.

OTHER FEES, if applicable

Applied Music Fee, per semester for one 30-minute lesson per week $241.00
Audit Fee, per course $241.00
(no charge to students paying the full flat tuition rate)
Change of Course Fee (student's request) $20.00
Identification Card Replacement Fee $15.00
Installment Payment Plan Fee, per semester $60.00
Late Payment Fee:
Charged if Payment Due is received after Due Date
Late Registration Fee:
Charged if student registers on or after 1st class day


Spring Parking Permit,
if not previously purchased in Fall
BearBucks™ varies
Yearbook $70.00

Total Cost of Attendance Information:

For financial aid purposes, the Cost of Attendance (COA), is an estimate of the total cost to attend Baylor University and includes both direct and indirect costs. Direct Costs are those billed by Baylor: tuition, fees and on-campus room and board for students who live on-campus. Indirect Costs are books, supplies, transportation, personal expenses and room and board for students who live off-campus or with a parent. To obtain detailed information regarding the current, 2012-2013 Cost of Attendance (COA), please CLICK HERE.