Ready to work hard?

Far from a summer camp, RENAISSANCE SCHOLAR will challenge you to consider new concepts, grapple with tough questions, and see connections between different courses and disciplines. The contemporary relevance of the classroom discussions will be brought out through evening viewings and group discussions of films such as The Matrix or The Lord of the Rings - films that highlight issues regarding technology, human nature, the philosophy of the quest, and the role of classical myth and theology in the contemporary world.

Experience a learning environment led by some of the nation's best scholars as you embark on a journey of intellectual discovery that will set you on a path to becoming a man or woman of universal education, someone conversant with all of human learning. The Renaissance Scholar Program is for rising high school seniors.

Work Hard

Ready to play hard?

One question you've probably been pondering is, "What will college life be like?" Well, it's not "all work and no play." Baylor is a thriving campus with more than enough opportunities to stretch you intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. We want you to experience true college life while you're here, and that includes fun.

You'll learn about some of Baylor's age-old traditions, from Dr Pepper Hour to "Heyyyyyy...Sic 'em Bears!"

Work Hard

Ready for Baylor

At the end of the program, Scholars always ask, "Can we just stay here?" And our answer is, "Yes, you can!" Like Erika, most of our alumni can't imagine themselves anywhere else and return as freshmen in the fall.

"The program was a truly amazing experience that I'm glad I was able to take part in. I always had an interest in Baylor, but the program helped me to see how much the university really fits in with my personality. During my week here, I came to the conclusion that Baylor University is a wonderful place filled with incredible people. I truly understand now why the people I know who have attended the university say so many amazing things about it. I know where I'm going!" - Erika


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•  Fifth Annual Drumwright Family Lecture (10/02)
•  Evening With the Arts (10/14)
•  Laura Blanche Jackson Endowed Memorial Lectureship in World Issues (10/27)
•  Lecture: Michelle Brown (11/03)

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