FNP Curriculum Plan

Sample Degree Plan:

Year 1: Fall Semester

NUR 5109 Theoretical Concepts for APN

NUR 5313 Health Care Systems, Policy and Management

NUR 5350 Advanced Pathophysiology

NUR 5V49 Health Care and Missions

Year 1: Spring Semester

NUR 5314 Scientific Inquiry I

NUR 5351 Advanced Pharmacology

NUR 5452 Advanced Health Assessment/Promotion/Disease Prevention

Year 1: Summer Semester

NUR 5355 Family Health Care Management I

NUR 5153 Advanced FNP Practicum I

Year 2: Fall Semester

NUR 5211 Servant Leadership and Advanced Practice Nursing

NUR 5356 Family Health Care Management II

NUR 5359 Advanced FNP Practicum II

Year 2: Spring Semester

NUR 5212 Advanced Practice Nursing Roles

NUR 5450 Family Nurse Practitioner Residency

Choose one:

NUR 5250 Domestic Low Income Clinical

NUR 5251 International Clinical

NUR 5252 Specialty Clinical

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