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The nurses' training school of the Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium opened in 1909. Over the past century, these institutions evolved as the Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing and Baylor University Medical Center, the flagship hospital for the Baylor Health Care System. From the beginning, they have worked in partnership to provide the highest quality of instruction in the classroom and in the clinical setting to educate nurses that are empowered to serve in the Dallas community. Three individuals - three leaders - three champions have played a significant role in our legacy and we proudly designate them as our Centennial Champions.

These Centennial Champions have stood at the helm of Baylor Health Care System through 60 of our 100 years in service. In 1909, the hospital employed a 10-person nursing staff. Today, there are more than 2,500 full-time positions requiring nursing qualifications and licenses, many of which have been filled by graduates of the Louise Herrington School of Nursing. The nursing staff of Baylor Health Care System is among the nation's leaders in size and innovation and among the more diverse and advanced in specialized skills. We are proud to recognize them as partners in our mission to educate Christian nurses that will make an impact on the health care available to our community.

Boone Powell, Sr. (include photo)

President, Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, 1948-1978

During his 30-year tenure as President, Mr. Powell proved himself to be a dedicated champion for nurses time and again. Specifically, in the 1950s, as the nation was facing a fundamental nursing shortage, Mr. Powell recognized the need to attract more nurses to the hospital as well as retain the nurses that were already employed. At this same time, the nursing school was struggling financially and was in danger of being closed. Mr. Powell helped secure funds that would enable the school to avoid closure. Through his forward thinking, the relationship between the hospital and the school was assured. Throughout the remainder of his tenure, Mr. Powell instituted a number of initiatives to improve and grow the hospital and never failed to recognize the importance of including prospective from the nursing profession in those changes.

Boone Powell, Jr., MPH, FACHE (include photo)

President & CEO, Baylor Health Care System, 1980-2000

Under the leadership of Boone Powell, Jr., the hospital continued to develop as a major medical center and was the nucleus around which a diversified, comprehensive, and gradually integrated health care system was developed. As the nation continued to struggle with the perennial nursing shortage, hospital administrators initiated distinctive and highly successful efforts in nurse recruitment and retention that quickly became models of change in the industry and prominent marks in the history of nursing. One program, still in effect today, was the Two-Days Alternative Program, known nationally as the "Baylor Plan," that provided an innovative approach to weekend staffing and gave nurses more control over their schedules and improved job satisfaction and morale. As the nursing staff and the number of facilities they served grew, Mr. Powell recognized the need to have a chief nursing officer role and moved quickly toward that goal.

Joel T. Allison, FACHE

President & CEO, Baylor Health Care System, 2000-present

In 2004, under the stewardship of Mr. Allison and testament to the long-standing dedication to nursing at Baylor Heath Care System, Baylor University Medical Center earned distinction as a Magnet facility by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The Magnet program recognizes health care organizations that provide the very best in nursing care and uphold the tradition of professional nursing practice. The Magnet designation provides our students with a distinct advantage in their education - the opportunity to do their clinical practicum in an institution where the best nursing practices are used, professionalism is highly valued and cutting-edge research is being done. Mr. Allison continues to be a strong champion of nursing education, practice and research.

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