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Administrative Faculty
Shelley F. Conroy, Ed.D Professor and Dean
Mary Brucker, Ph.D. Professor, Associate Dean and Interim Graduate Program Director
Cathy Rosser, Ed.D. Undergraduate Program Director
Claudia Calle Beal, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Martha Bradshaw, Ph.D. Professor
Mary A. Bruce, M.S.N. Lecturer
Karen Bufton, M.S. Senior Lecturer
Barbara Devitt, M.S.N. Lecturer
Marsha A. Dougherty, M.S.N. Lecturer
Mary Ann Faucher, Ph.D. Associate Professor and CNM Coordinator
Vivian Gamblian, M.S.N. Lecturer
Shelby L. Garner, M.S.N. Lecturer
Marilyn S. Hightower, M.S.N. Lecturer
Karen Holub, M.S. Senior Lecturer
Carol J. Johns, M.S.N. Lecturer
Donna LoSasso, M.S.N. Lecturer
Judy Wright Lott, D.S.N. Professor
Nan Ketcham, M.S.N. Lecturer and FastBacc Coordinator
Lynne Mann, M.S.N. Lecturer
Melissa M. Neathery Lecturer
Jane Nunnelee, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer
Kathryn A. Osteen, M.S.N. Lecturer
Lisa M.Otto, M.S.N. Lecturer
John Paschal, M.S.N. Lecturer
Leslie K. Payne, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor
Lynda M. Pesta, M.S. Lecturer
Rebecca A. Phillips, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Linda Plank, Ph.D. Lecturer
Lyn Prater, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer & Undergraduate Clinical Coordinator
Jane Price, M.S.N. Senior Lecturer
Cheryl Riley, M.S.N. Lecturer and NNP Coordinator
Bonnie Savoldi, M.S. Senior Lecturer
Becky S. Spencer, M.S.N. Lecturer
Lori A. Spies, M.S.N. Lecturer, Interim FNP Coor. & Missions Coor.
Valerie Trousdale, M.S.N. Senior Lecturer
Cheryl A. Tucker, M.S.N. Lecturer & Undergraduate Theory Coordinator
Cindy A. Tynes, M.S.N. Lecturer
Kathryn G. Voreis, M.S.N. Lecturer
Academic Professional
Susan Gerding Bader, M.L.S., A.H.I.P. Director of Learning Resources Center
Jean Hillyer, M.A.E., M.L.S. Assistant Director of Learning Resources Center
Randy Adams, B.A. Technology Support Manager
Elizabeth Calverley LRC Technical Services Associate
Wendy Craver Office Manager - Academic Affairs
Cameron Armstrong, M.S. Director of Student Services
Tina Glaspie, M.Ed. Academic Support Specialist
Carolyn Hatfield, B.S. Admin. Associate to Faculty
De-De Henson Academic Support Specialist /Acad. Advisor - Acad. Affairs
David Kemerling, M.Div., M.Ed. Director of Student Ministries
Diana Kohler, B.S.N Pre-Nursing Program Coordinator
Beverly Kurfees Academic Support Specialist - Graduate Program
Debbie Milam Office Manager - Student Life & Services
Trent Morelock, M.Ed. Senior Academic Consultant - Technology
Erin Mulvey, M.S. Academic Support Specialist- New Students
Jeanny Powell, B.A. Academic Support Specialist - New Students
Becky Robbins, M.Ed. Manager of Business & Fiscal Operations
Desrick Shelton , B.B.A.. Senior Academic Consultant − Technology
Mike Trout, B.S.N. Senior Academic Consultant − Technology
Endalkachew Tulu, B.A. Financial Aid Coordinator
Victoria Valerio Admin. Associate to Faculty
Stephanie Willey Assistant to the Dean

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